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The Challenge

What Is the V-Tox Challenge?

It’s actually pretty simple… for 10 days, don’t watch TV, play any video games or watch media of any kind. A complete media detox or as we refer to it, a V-tox. Those who have completed this challenge have said it completely changes their perspective on violence in media. They say watching TV or video games is not only more intense but disturbing and sometimes very uncomfortable to watch. So not only does the science back up the benefits of a media V-Tox but also those who’ve completed the challenge swear by it.

Turning It Off For 10 Days!

angry-kidIt can be hard… to some, almost impossible! Your approach will determine everything. Whatever you do, don’t give up!

Our V-Tox Challenge is designed to help reset the brain so that Dopamine levels are reduced and critical pathways are rebuilt. Research has indicated that in as little as 5-7 days, the effects of not watching media is already measurable.

Changing Behavior

Now what? You’ve read the research. You’re wanting to give this a try or you want to get your kids onboard. What do you do? How do you avoid a response like the picture above? Often times the best way to change behavior is to focus on the positive. Rather then making this all about what your kids shouldn’t be doing (watching TV, playing video games) focus on what they could be doing instead.

This is where our Brag Badge program comes in play. This program makes deciding what your kids could be doing so much easier. On the other hand, if you’re looking forward to a summer full of “Mom…. I’m bored“, then by all means, stop reading now.

How Many Brag Badges Will You Earn This Summer?

We’ve teamed up with businesses all over the community. Some of the ways you can earn Unplugged Brag Badges include:

  • Feed the ducks at Wasatch State Park
  • Host a family BBQ
  • Have a picnic in a city park
  • Swim at Deer Creek
  • Ride the Historic Heber Valley Railroad
  • … Plus many many more

Keep track of all your Play Unplugged Brag Badges by putting them on your very own Unplugged Lanyard. Don’t have a lanyard? Don’t worry, just stop by the Heber Valley Visitors Center to pick one up.

Win Cash This Summer

Be sure to visit us at the visitor center each week in order to register for our weekly “Cool Summer Cash” drawing. If we pick your name, you’ll win a cool $100 bucks! The more Brag Badges you earn, the more times you can put your name in the drawing.

We’re also going to have an end-of-summer grand prize drawing for all those that collected more than 50 Brag Badge points. This lucky winner will receive $500!!

Some of the special Brag Badges you could earn include a tag for completing the Play Unplugged 10-day Challenge. All you have to do is not watch TV or play video games for 10-days. HINT: Try it over Fair Days. There is so much to do between the derby, the carnival and the rodeo events that you probably won’t even notice.

Or if you’re caught wearing your Play Unplugged Lanyard by the police you’ll win one of our exclusive police “Caught-Ya” Brag Badges. So start picking which Brag Badges you want to earn this summer and get busy! You can find the complete list of Brag Badges here.

  1. This is a great program! Thanks so much to all the participating businesses and the organizers. Our kids love it. We live in a great community.

  2. me and my bro are planing to do all of them! and more stuf this summer love it

  3. me and my bro are planing to do all of them!

  4. What a great program! I am amazed by the results. We have already run out of our tags at Zions. We have more ordered. What a great response from our youth in the community!

  5. I noticed that some tags have 1 “brag” and others have 5 “brags”, how did you determine how many brags a tag was worth? Just curious? :)

    • If you check the website on the Brag Tag page, you’ll be able to see the number of Brags assigned to each tag. That is probably the quickest and easiest way to find out.

      • I think you misread my question. I wanted to know how you or the committee you worked with determined how many brags each tag was going to be worth. They are worth different amounts (some are worth 1, some are worth 5, etc) and I was wondering why? Why aren’t they all worth the same amount? Why are some worth more than others? Like why is swimming worth 1 brag, but making a root beer float is worth 5 brags?

        • The reason we’ve assigned points is simply to indicate which activities may be more “difficult” to do. For example, someone climbing Mt. Timp would require more effort then someone star gazing.

          The point assignment is largely based on a combination of the difficulty, distance to travel as well as wether or not the activity requires buying something. For something that could be done at home, with little to no money and could be done anytime, we assigned a lower point value. Because swimming could be done anywhere, for free and at anytime, the point assigned was one. The only reason Root Beer Float was assigned five points was because it would require going to the store and purchasing the items necessary.

          Admittedly it’s a very arbitrary method, certainly not scientific at all. No doubt we have a lot of room to improve and are taking any advice for next year.

  6. Do the police pass out the “caught-ya” brag tags if the kids are caught wearing one in front of the police? Or where do they get those?

    • Based on what Chief Booth has said, the police are looking for kids doing something “good”. That could be wearing their helmet when they’re riding their bike. Or maybe using the cross walk flags when they cross the street. There was an issue with the police running out of tags last week. So maybe if you saw an officer he probably didn’t have any tags left. Fortunately we’ve been able to order more tags and they should be set for at least a few more weeks.

      • oh, ok, so it sounds like the police officers are supposed to pass them out. Thanks! :)

  7. During the week we were enjoying activities from Unplugged Challenge. We were not worried about Brag Tags. Towards the end of the week (we chose one afternoon) we jumped into the car (with a little map where to stop) and went to collect all our Brag Tags of the week (unless they were given to us at some activities location). Yes, it took some time, but most of them are at/around Main Street.

    Many of the businesses we passed by hundreds of times without knowing what is really behind the doors. Yesterday we picked up 9 Brag Tags. It was very pleasant experience. Not only to know what exactly the local businesses do, but also how nice everybody was to us. Some of the places we will visit in the future and use their services.

  8. question: If we are not from Heber, we happen to live in South Jordan, but I hear others don’t live in the state… some of your activities are very specific… if we don’t live close can we take our child to a park nearby? lakes nearby? same activities but close to us? and still the kids can earn the badges? You came up with awesome ideas. Thanks!

    • Thank you for your interest in the program. Part of the success of the program is the relationship we’ve built with the local businesses. They were able to choose what activity they wanted to promote and in exchange kids and families can go to their business to pick up the tag. This has been an amazing program not only to get kids active and outdoors but also to help people learn more about local businesses. The only drawback is that because many of the activities are specific to our valley, it makes it challenging for those living in other areas to participate.

      So we suggest do what activities you can in your area and then choose a day or two to come visit our beautiful valley. During that time you can redeem what Brag Tags you’ve earned and have a really good time enjoying some of our local attractions. Nearly all the activities are free or significantly discounted so it makes for not only a lot of fun but your bank account will thank you for it. Just stop by our Visitors Center and we’ll be more then happy to help get you started.

  9. I love this idea! My daughter has already earned two brag tags and is so proud of her accomplishments. She can’t wait to do more! I enjoy seeing her so excited and ambitious.

  10. Last summer I unplugged for 6 days straight. It totally changed me.
    I started exercising, changed how I ate, stopped spending hours a day online, and felt the depression that had plagued me for years fade away.
    A year later, I am a different person, physically and emotionally- much, much improved. I still have to do tons of work online and with my smartphone, but I am no longer addicted. I am free, and my body and mind have totally changed for the better.
    10 days is a long time. If you have to check daily emails, give yourself time in the morning, and then walk away the rest of the day. Check again the next day. Nothing is so important that it can’t wait till morning.

    Friends and neighbors, you will be amazed at how easy and liberating this is !!!

    • Thank you for sharing this with us! What a great experience. This is really the type of result we’re hoping for. The 10 days is designed to allow kids (anyone for that matter) an opportunity to reset the brain so the next time they’re exposed to media violence, it’s perceived very differently. We like your suggestion for checking emails. Great idea to help reset expectations for those that email you as well.

  11. We can’t wait to get started! Thanks for the great summer program for kids.

  12. great idea

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